Release the Clutter and FLY

Dear Friends,

During one of my midnight excursions to let a dog in or a cat out and then to reverse the operation, I had a God Breeze. While walking through our dark home, I was no longer maneuvering through an obstacle course, in my bare feet! This is such a secure feeling knowing you are not in danger of stepping on something or tripping over a clothes basket, just to get to the bathroom. So I started thinking about the other benefits of getting rid of our clutter. So here is a list I have composed while half asleep. I love it, when my Midnight Editor sends me His Breezes.

1. I have already mentioned the lack of an obstacle course, but there are less injuries due to stumped toes. No more excuses for not wearing your shoes in the day time, because you have a black and blue baby toe. This in itself allows you to get more accomplished in one day.

2. I have told you that organized clutter is still clutter. When you have less stuff, it is easy to decide where it goes and how to organize it once it gets there. Less stuff means fewer choices to have to make and we love fewer choices. This is a big part of our problem, too much to choose from so we choose doing nothing, because it is just to difficult for our brains to make a decision.

3. When our closets are not stuffed to the gills, it is easier for us to find things to wear. Best of all, we can see what we have and it is not all crumpled from being jammed into a closet that is overflowing. Seeing and knowing what is in your wardrobe, also helps you to save money, so you will not go out and buy items without having a specific use for them.

4. When you have less to pull out and as my granny says, “Mess and gum with”. LOL Your home stays much cleaner, when you have fewer things to strow through the house. Think about this with your children’s toys. When they don’t have tons of them, they make less of a mess and the rooms are easier to clean. Fewer clothes means you have to wash on a regular basis, instead of waiting till 3 weeks worth are piled in every room of your home. Fewer dishes means the piles of dirty dishes are not as big, when you don’t wash them. Therefore you have to wash them more often so you have clean dishes. This in itself will help establish a new habit by default. The secret is not to go and buy more clothes and dishes when you run out. LOL Less stuff means your routines flow easier.

5. Getting rid of your clutter, gives you more time to do the things you love, because you are not having to find places it put it. Clutter or STUFF(Something That Undermines Family Fun) takes away from the time you can spend loving your family. As you get rid of things, the act of giving away become contagious, the more you give, the freer you feel and the more your want to give. You are being blessed by your new attitude of letting go and allowing your excesses to help others. Try it, your life will change when you are no longer hoarding stuff for those “just in case” moments. You will be rich in spirit and no longer thinking as if you were poor. If you think you are poor, you will be poor. Let go and allow God to bless you. There have been many times when I didn’t know how I was going to make it and when I release it to God, I was filled with His blessings.

6. Having less stuff to deal with, get you moving in the mornings and as a result, you are not tardy as often. Your friends are going to be so surprised when you start showing up on time for engagements. To tell the truth, you will be just as excited and your spouse is going to jump for joy.

7. Another amazing thing that happens when you get rid of your clutter is that you can actually find things when you need them. No more digging through piles to find a document. You know where it is, because it is not lost in a sea of clutter. You found a home for your important papers, since you got rid of all the unnecessary garbage that was spilling out of your filing cabinet and desk drawers.

8. Here is one of the greatest benefits of getting rid of your clutter, YOU CAN FIND YOUR CAR KEYS! Yes, yes, yes! No longer will they be in no man’s land, because you will have a place for them. I have a separating ring on my purse that I attach mine to as I take them out of the ignition of the car. I never lay them down, they are put onto my purse immediately. So when I grab my purse, I always have my keys. I am also secure in knowing that I have an extra set of keys hidden on the outside of my vehicle in the event that my purse is stolen or I lose my keys or accidentally lock myself out of the car. Yes this does happen, even to me. Don’t ask. LOL

9. Without all the clutter in your home, you can even open the door to unexpected guests. Even if your home still has some dust and dirt, without the clutter, your home does not look like you have been burglarized. So what if the carpets are a little dirty and cobwebs are in the corners, you can open your door without fear. Your family and friends are going to be blown away, even if you know in your heart that there is still a lot of detailed cleaning to do. You have done the hardest part; Getting rid of the cocoon that shielded you from people.

10. With the clutter and fear of having people see your shame being vanquished for your life, you are going to be more willing to have people over. The first time you experience the joy of getting ready for a visit from family, without having to kill yourself in the process, you will never allow that stress into your life again. When all it takes is a quick vacuum and making sure the sheets and towels are in the guest bedroom, then you can concentrate on the best part, enjoying being with your family. Calm, cool and collected is a wonderful feeling.

11. With all the extra time you have, since you no longer have clutter clogging up your life, you can begin to find your life’s mission. It was only after I released this clot that I was able to let my creative juices flow. I have found my mission to help all of you. What is yours? Oh, you haven’t figured that out yet. That’s fine. It will come to you. I promise. Having less STUFF to deal with frees you up to find yourself. Let go of the clutter and live your life to its fullest potential. This is your gift from God and your present to the world and to yourself! You deserve it!

Are you ready to FLY free of your clutter and live!


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