July Habit #15 One Of The Great Traps

Dear FlyLady,

I’m glad that July is here, because Swish and Swipe is something that I really need to re-integrate into my evening routine after my shower.

Not that it doesn’t happen at all, but lately it’s not been too consistent. One of the great traps I fall into is to say, “I’ve had a hard day (or week), so I’ll just be nice to myself and skip the Swish and Swipe tonight. And maybe that happens for a few nights. And then suddenly the tiles are dingy, the porcelain in the tub no longer shines (this bathroom is vintage 1968 so there’s lots of porcelain) and …eeewww….there’s a bit of mold already beginning to grow in the grout.

And then I think: “THIS is being nice to myself???” It’s so much nicer to myself to see a shiny tub and fixtures, and bright tile without soap scum, and mold-free grout. An old nylon-net scrubber, a little spritz of a common cleanser in a water solution, and old towel to wipe things down, and the shower is a pleasure to see and use.

And yes, I divide it into four zones — the three walls, and the tub itself, between Monday and Thursday evenings, so that each section gets a little extra care once a week with the solution, which I keep in an old spray bottle.

Maybe writing this to the FlyCommunity will give me the commitment to do the S&S faithfully this month and beyond!

NJ FlyGirl

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