Steady Progress

Dear FlyLady,

I want to thank you for your encouragement and support over the years.  I read your emails for three years and never did anything.  My home was becoming a disaster and I was so overwhelmed just thinking about it that I never wanted to start. I was living in major CHAOS, which I felt very bad about.

Then one day something funny happened.  I remember how you said it’s okay to try new ways to clean.  Well, I use a water-flosser when I brush my teeth. It’s like a mini power washer. I got to thinking, maybe I could use the water-flosser to clean the grout in the shower that had gotten very icky.  Well, it worked great and I had a “blast” doing it! Sure it sprayed water around a little but the results were so fantastic that I didn’t mind.

Then I decided to use the water-flosser to “power wash” around the faucet of the bathroom sink. This sink had started dripping a few weeks earlier and I couldn’t figure out why. Wouldn’t you know, after I used the water-flosser to dislodge the grime that had built up around the faucet and handles, I noticed the dripping had completely stopped! This was a small miracle because it saved me from having to call the plumber. I realized that good things happen when I clean, and that more good things are just waiting to happen when I keep cleaning!

I’ve felt inspired by this and have been making slow but steady progress ever since, and we no longer have CHAOS everywhere.

Thank you FlyLady for encouraging us FlyBabies to think outside of the box and try new things!!!

Learning to Fly in the Prairie State

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