July Habit #16 Now To My Routine

Dear FlyLady,

You cannot possibly fathom what a difference “Swish and Swipe” has made to me!

I never walk into my bathrooms that I don’t notice the shining sinks and fixtures. The toilet and rim are clean and the floor is clean. I needn’t be concerned when a guest wants to use the restroom…it is CLEAN, yea!!!

Now to my routine: First, I spray the sink (with Scrubbing Bubbles, all other days with Windex) and put bowl cleaner in the toilet. Next, I clean the sink and shine with the hand towel that I am removing that day. Next, I spray a paper towel with Windex and clean the mirror. After swishing the toilet, I take the same paper towel that I used on the mirror and start with the tank top and swipe all surfaces down to the rim.

On Monday, I use my cleaning rag and mop 1/3 of the floor by hand each day…around the toilet, left side from front to back, then right side front to back. (I would love to say that I do this because I do a much better job doing the mopping by hand…however, alas, that isn’t the reason even though it is true.

I HATE mopping, but even I can work on the floor for two minutes.) Both bathrooms have trash cans right beside the toilets, so I dispose of my handy paper towel and then take the linens to the laundry room. FINISHED!!! And with clean bathrooms…

I have gotten some wonderful ideas from you and from your FlyBabies and sincerely appreciate all of you!


FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Testimonial about Swishing and Swiping your bathroom? Let us know, and send an email with MY BATHROOM LOOKS GREAT in the subject line.

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