I was Safe on the Ground

Dear FlyLady,

Cleaning the motor home, getting ready for a trip.  I was about to get the ladder to wash the winter grunge off the windows.  At 78 I don’t need to be climbing ladders on the unsteady gravel drive.

Then I remembered my new FlyLady mop set.  I had only used it to dust mop so far.  I changed to the microfiber cloth, dipped it in the bucket,  and my windows were done almost instantly, standing on the ground.  Thanks for your search for great products.

Rita in New Mexico

fccpack-slvrFlyLady here: if you have a travel trailer, now is the time to get your set of cleaning tools for your home away from home. I am so proud of Rita for not climbing on a ladder. I also keep a mop and a Rubba Sweepa in my truck for cleaning the windows. If you just need a mop; we have it half price right now.

Here is a video of me cleaning my picture windows. We have some high windows too.

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