My New Use for a Purple Rag Who Knew

FlyLady here: I always keep a purple rag in my tub. It works great on dry skin. Here lately I have been using a purple rag to remove my makeup and wash my face with just plain water. I am allergic to most face-washes so just plain water keeps my eyes from itching and matting shut in the morning. I can’t believe how clean my face feels and that I just figured this out. Here is another use for your beauty routine. I have just spent 30 minutes exfoliating my skin with my purple rag. It feels good. Now we have mini pink rags just for removing makeup and cleaning eye glasses.

Dear FlyLady,

I am 73 and have been a fan and follower of FlyLady (off and on) almost since the beginning of your website. I am living proof that you CAN teach an ol’ dog new tricks, and I am so thankful for the changes you have made in my life! Here is one use for the wonderful purple rags that I haven’t seen posted.

I have always found it difficult to find a deodorant that works consistently and have had to change brands frequently to keep the odor under control. Recently, after having tried numerous roll-on and stick deodorants, I had just about given up on finding one that would get the job done this time.

I keep a purple rag in my shower for regular use on my shower door and walls and also for an occasional skin scrubbing. On a whim, I decided to give my underarms a good scrubbing with my purple rag: even though I had been consistently using a nylon net and washrag.  Wow! I couldn’t believe how much old deodorant had accumulated under there! And now my deodorant is working and I don’t stink anymore!!!

Former Stinker in Georgia

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