Trust the Process

Dear Friends,

We have been skeptics most of our lives. I think this is what makes us control freaks. We only trust in ourselves. There comes a time when our way is not working for us and we are forced to try something new.

You heard about FlyLady from a friend while you were at her home. You just can’t believe that it can be this simple. You look at her like she has lost her mind and you politely nod. Then you look around her home and it feels so nice. In the back of your mind you think she must be drinking some kind of Kool-Aid. When you get back home; the CHAOS in your home hits you square in the face.

At this point your control freak brain says, “What have I got to lose?” This is when you go to our website and spend hours reading. Then you start questioning everything that I say! What has a shiny sink got to do with getting my house clean?

Does this sound familiar to you? I want you to find the peace that your friend has found. She trusted the process! And it is a process!

The first thing we tell you to do is to go “Shine Your Sink”! I don’t care if you have to set all the dirty dishes on the floor because your counters are filled. Just empty out your sink and get it clean and shiny. This is the beginning!

When I was determined to “Get Organized” this is how I started! That shiny sink became my goal each day. That was all I really had to do! I know there many things that need doing in your kitchen. But don’t allow the nay-Sayer in you to put more doubt in your head. Trust the process!

Here is what happens! Your kitchen can be a total disaster but when you get up in the morning you see that sink shining back at you. Focus on that feeling. It is a feeling of hope!

My favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1 NIV

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

I have been doing a study on Faith and Trust. It has been interesting. At first I thought they were the same but now I finally see the difference. I was listening to my Christian music when I started to think about Faith and Trust. The song Trust and Obey came on. I listened intently to the words because my focus word for 2017 has been “Obey”.

I always try to take the lessons that God is putting in front of me and look for a way to apply them to the purpose that God has given me. That purpose is helping you to find the peace you have been searching for.

The lesson that I can see is for you to trust the process. We teach you to let go of your perfectionism one step at a time. As we help you to peel away the years of clutter and fear; we show you a different way to live. Please read our messages; let them sink into your heart! Embrace the process instead of fighting it or finding fault. In the end, that hope you felt the first day with that shiny sink will show you what is ahead in your journey.

I love you all!


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