I Know Why It’s Hard to Fly

Dear Friends,

Clutter takes over our lives in many different ways but the clothes become a never ending battle. When we have too many clothes the mountain keeps growing! We wear clothes till we run out and then we go buy more instead of doing the laundry. Those mountains take over our homes. Every corner, every flat surface, and the floor are covered in dirty clothes and clean clothes that are stuck in the never ending wash cycle.

This is all because you have too many clothes and your children have too many clothes. You don’t even know what fits because they are not worn often enough.

You can’t organize clutter! This means those clothes too. I know you want to save them! But they are taking over your life! I have a simple challenge for you! Let’s reduce that pile by half.

I want to look at why you are hanging on to these clothes. Are you afraid that you will not be able to get any more if you give them away? Most of these were given to you anyway. Why are you hoarding them? When you hoard you have sealed your fate! What you hoard turns into worms! Do you remember the story of the Israelites in the book of Exodus? When they hoarded the manna, a gift from heaven, it turned to worms.

We are clothes hoarders; plain and simple! We live in fear that we will never be able to afford to buy what we need when we need it! Fear is lack of faith! Faith in ourselves and faith in God to provide for us! When we hoard we separate ourselves from pipeline of love! We try to take control!

Release the perfectionism of having to be in control and let go of these clothes! You can’t organize clothes clutter; you have to get rid of it!

Are you listening to me? Or have you gone back into your hoarding mentality! Let them go and find the peace you deserve! Don’t allow your perfectionism to make you want to wash them all up either! Bag them up and get them out of your house. Anyone who gets them is going to rewash them anyway! Don’t do this to yourself and don’t allow your perfectionism to win again and keep you stuck in this mountain of never ending clothes clutter!

I want you to FLY and as long as you are struggling with hoarding clothes you are going to find it difficult!


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