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Dear FlyLady —

Your email about decluttering our freezers by cooking what is in there made me laugh this morning!  For the past few years my family and I have played a weekly game called “Freezer Roulette” — this is similar to Russian Roulette, but in a good way!!

To play the game, once a week you stand in front of your freezer, close your eyes, reach into the freezer and pull out one (or more) items.  Dinner that night MUST incorporate the item — main course, side, or dessert — kind of like the Food Network show Chopped.

Although Freezer Roulette occasionally results in an “interesting” meal, for the most part it’s an effective and fun way to keep things from getting stuck in the freezer permafrost (you know, like the mystery package of meat that has been welded to the back of the shelf for so long that you have to defrost the whole freezer just to get it unstuck …)

If you make it fun, it will get done!

Buckeye FlyBaby J.

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