Look for the Silver Lining

Dear Friends,

Every day we receive many wonderful testimonials. I usually close my day by reading several of them. This morning I glanced at my testimonial folder and I noticed something amazing.

Flying works for anyone who is willing to make a change in their attitude. Two of the testimonials were from Texas flood victims; one was flooded and another one’s neighborhood was cut off by the water. Both families had great attitudes.

Your attitude is what makes the difference in how our system works for you. Today in the United States, we are celebrating Labor Day. You can either feel sorry for yourself that you have been condemned to a life of hard labor or you can embrace the joy of being homemaker.

Finding joy in everything you do is going to give you a great outlook on life. I remember a song from many years ago that was used in a commercial. Those lyrics were stuck with us; I had to look up the real song. I may have to watch this movie if I can find it. I don’t know what that bruise is about on her forehead; but if you are being abused; get out of the abusive situation. Make a plan and get away. There are people out there to help you.

When I was a county commissioner many years ago; I was asked what my personal motto was; I had no clue and then I just blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

To find joy in everything I do; and to be a devoted loving wife to my sweet darling. I soon realized that if I do the first part of my motto that I don’t need the second part because I am already joyful!

Finding joy is going to change your life! We are the nurturers in our families. Please use our messages to help you change your attitude. Only you can do this. No one else is can make you happy! It is up to you.

This simple system works for anyone who is willing to jump in and let go of their perfectionism. That perfectionism is what causes us to procrastinate and blame others. Stop blaming and whining about your situation being different! Let it go and you will begin to see real changes in your home and your family!

We have helped families with ten children to people who put in 50 hours a week outside of their homes; teachers, nurses, police officers, military families, retired people, caregivers, and homeschoolers. You  just have to be willing to jump in and follow our lead. We can help you!

You can do this! Your home can become a place of peace if you will look for that silver lining! Joy is everywhere! When you look for it you will find it!


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