What is a Launch Pad?

Dear FlyLady,

Many thanks for all your work with helping people get rid of the CHAOS! Your work is truly inspiring! I have started with the babysteps a while ago but have a question. What is the launch pad? Is it supposed to be a physical place? In the “today’s flight plan” it says “put things needed for tomorrow at the launch pad”. What do you mean?Confused Flybaby

Dear FlyBaby,

You are not confused; I have not explained it well enough. We all need a place in our home to put things that we are going to need for tomorrow. Here are some examples.

1. A table by the front door.
2. A hook on the wall
3. A bench by the door.
4. If you have large family; a dresser base works. A Drawer for each person.
5. We set items on the floor by the front door.
6. It could be hooks on the door like you hang wreaths on.
7. When we are in a hotel; we establish a bag by the closet.
8. My husband puts his items in the car in the garage.

The beauty behind the launch pad is that it keeps us from forgetting things when we have to walk out the door.

Your Before Bed Routine helps you to think about tomorrow. Your launch pad is just that! It launches you into the next day so you don’t have to try to remember it all when you are in a hurry to get out the door.

Your calendar is an important part making your launch pad work for you! As part of our Before Bed Routine we check the calendar to see what is scheduled for tomorrow. Then we check the weather to see if we will need rain boots or an umbrella.

Your Before Bed Routine is the most important routine of the day! Start it right after dinner. Check your calendar. With everything placed on your launch pad, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can sleep well. That is what I want most for you! Peace!


calendarbulletinUse Your calendar to help you set your launch pad for tomorrow. Some FlyBabies put their Calendar by the launch pad so it is right there for them to see as they walk out the door.

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