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Hi Flylady!

Thank you for all the emails and helpful pointers. This is my 2nd week as a rather senior “Fly Baby”. After a winter of illness (it’s coming up summer where I live) I had help 1 hour a week which will soon finish. That didn’t cover everything that needed attention here. After the death of my husband two years ago, I also found motivation difficult.  So I have taken the iniative and started on the Flylady system, which I have used randomly in the past. Now, my sink is shiny. My laundry is up to date. I’ve cooked for myself every day – no takeaways or frozen store-bought dinners. I’ve organized appointments for my next two hairdos. That’s amazing! Also have made the December appointment for my dog to be groomed.

I hadn’t even thought about the holiday season or getting prepared until I read your email – but now I have started and have gifts ready to send early to two of my sons living overseas. Looking in my card making equipment, I found unused cards from last season, and have been putting them to use in readiness now, before I purchase or make more.

Thank you for putting at the end of your emails “You are not behind”. So good to remind myself to pace what I do until everything becomes a habit. And I have found myself singing as I go about the various chores to be undertaken.
Bless you for your lovely encouragements,


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