My Calendar is Colorful and Efficient

Dear FlyLady,

As we are getting Back to Basics, I thought I’d share my calendar.

Since I was in middle school (if not before), I have used some kind of calendar, usually a wall calendar. In college, it was a university supplied personal calendar. I am a pen & paper girl through and through and then came smart phones. Hahaha I like gadgets too.

Now I have a family of 5 and I LOVE the Fly Lady calendar! The 8 lines are, dare I say it?, p@#$ect. One row for each family member PLUS breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each family member color coded to match my daily carry planner and digital calendar. The FL calendar stays in my office as Master Control Center. Each month begins with a big planning session full of all my calendars and planners. During the month they all get synced on the weekend for following week. Future appointments are written in my FLYing purple calendar when made and any thing that pops up during day on the go is digital then to FL calendar when home.

I attached pictures of my February 2018 set up. Perhaps they could help another FlyBaby.calendarBLDline

I do have one suggestion, (and please feel free to edit this if you wish to post). Could the holidays and events be listed in the notes section rather than on the day? I simply cover with stickers now, which works for me just fine. Just a thought…

Thank you so much for all of your purple FLYing products! (As I own several. lol) You and your team are awesome!

FlyBaby Jaime
Kentucky, USA

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