Perfectionism and Being Calendar Challenged

Hello, FlyLady,

I am writing about being calendar challenged and about some of the deep purple puddle revelations I have encountered on my own personal Flyway journey as a SHE and as a clinician. Here are some of them:

1. The calendar is our critical mother – we are afraid of it telling us what to do. We want to be free of that, and free of an oppressive energy.

2. We are afraid to plan because planning means making a commitment to things. We don’t like to commit to things because we may not be up do doing them. We don’t want to face our anxiety, so we prefer to feel calendar challenged to feeling other fears about being successful.

3. We don’t love ourselves and feel we do everything wrong, so we are afraid to look at how we lead our lives (our calendar) because it gives us anxiety about everything we do wrong. We don’t feel we can do anything right.

4. The calendar is a way for us to keep repeating the feeling that we are worthless, because we fail to look at it. This is how we give ourselves doses of the feelings that are so familiar. It’s hard to break out of that default emotional position that is “home” to us emotionally.

5. FlyLady’s calendar is about fun and love, and loving ourselves, so we can begin to look at it in a new way. Part of finally flying though, means looking carefully and understanding the root of our perfectionism and the paralyzing feelings that keep us from embracing the big friendly boxes and stickers that can change our life. What Steven Covey couldn’t understand, and what we know, is that Flying is a JOURNEY, mostly of working through or letting go of the feelings that keep us from Finally Loving Ourselves…

Thank you FlyLady, for helping me with tools and new FEELINGS that help me FLY. I hope you will share my discoveries Finally Flying with other FlyBabies. I have a dream of being on the radio with you some day being of service helping other FlyBabies talk more about what other deep feelings and challenges could be behind their own paralyzing perfectionism.

With love,
FlyBaby Claudia

FlyLady here: My dream was just to help a few people overcome their CHAOS and FLY. I never thought that simple dream would grow into our large FLY Family that is all around the world.

video60419You never know when you can change a life by simply offering a kind word or smile to a stranger. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and open yourself up to your own dreams.

Don’t allow your fear or perfectionism to stop you from learning the power of using a calendar.

I couldn’t FLY without my calendar.

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