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Dear FlyLady,

WOW! I am really impressed with the Rubba Scrubba and the calendar. I ordered both of them last Monday and received them today. Good Job! Fast Service, as has been everything else I’ve ordered from you.First, Rubba Scrubba is just as good as everyone says. My kitty loved it when I brushed her and it did a great job of picking up cat hair, even though my cat doesn’t shed much.I really like the calendar.

There’s plenty of room to write down what I need to know about any given thing. I’m going to take it to the office with me to keep track of all my meetings, trainings, seminars, etc and also to mark down any deadlines I have on projects, and I do have a lot of deadlines to meet.Just one suggestion — I love all the stickers but something is missing. There are no stickers for those of us that work. I’d love to see some stickers for meetings, holidays, training sessions, etc. And I know there are others I can’t think of right now that pertain to work.But thank you for what you have done with the calendar and everything else you have done and all the wonderful tools you come out with to help us.

FlyBaby E

calendarseptexampleFlyLady here: I understand what you mean when you say you need stickers for work events. This is why I take a sheet of address labels and color code them with a highlighter for things like interviews, meetings and other things. We have to adapt to fit our families and our work. This works well for me.

I take one sheet of address labels and color one column red, one green and one blue. Red is important to get my attention for interviews that I don’t want to forget.Some people give each member of the family a color code too.

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