Routines Are Habits

Dear FlyLady and Staff,

I wanted to let you know that I never knew how much all of the routines have sunk in until today.

I was listening to a morning radio show when my phone told me I had received a message. Much to my surprise it was from my son asking if they needed to bring anything with them on Friday. Friday? Were they (son, daughter in law and grandbabies) coming here on Friday? Yes, they were planning on it. He “must have told Dad.”

No problem I said, then went into panic mode. I have to make sure everything is picked up, wouldn’t want the grandbabies to get into something dangerous. I thought time to do clean, clean, clean. But wait. The kitchen is clean, the bathrooms are clean, the living room is clean. I can’t find anything to clean, except a few hot spots. Swept all the floors, dusted, took care of the hot spots and voila!!!! Ready for company.

Thank you for making everyday automatic.

FlyBaby, Faith

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