Two Hours to Three Minutes

Dear FlyLady,

I have this thing — I don’t believe my house is clean until it’s vacuumed from top to bottom, which takes over an hour at least. So I procrastinate and put it off. The dog hair mounts up. The giblets on the floor collect. I had seen the carpet sweepa on the website but thought that couldn’t work at my house…too much traffic and dog hair….I believed that wouldn’t begin to touch my rugs, that only a vacuum cleaner would do. I live in an old Victorian (beautiful!) that has all wood floors and lots of rugs.

I saw the Flylady demonstrating that sweeper on a small rug with dog hair and then dumping a LOT of hair out. I broke down and ordered one. It got here tonight and I quickly ran it over my rugs that were vacuumed two days ago. Guess what?! It filled up within seconds, there was so much hair. But it also only took about theee minutes to clean three rugs!!! My life is changed. If I can whip this thing out and do that so quickly, I will be so much less stressed. The dog hair depresses me! Thank you for all these good tips and products. You “get” me, this artistic, distractable soul. I love you sister!


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