German Shepherd Approved

Dear FlyLady,

I just got my new Carpet Sweepa and I LOVE IT!  I have two cats and a German “Shedder”.  The first thing I did was my wood floors that I have to sweep daily.  It took about 10 seconds it get all the pet hair off the floor.  I was so excited I decided to brush my dog in the house.

Usually I have to pull out the Heavy Kirby to vacuumed it up and my dog chases it around barking.  This time with just two swipes of the Sweepa the floor was spotless.  Between the wood floors and the carpet it has probably saved my a half hour of sweeping and lugging the vacuumed around.  I can’t wait to try it out the steps, which I avoid doing until absolutely necessary because the vacuum is so heavy.  So the Carpet Sweepa is officially German Shepherd and cat approved !Thank you so much!Sincerely,

Harley Quinn’s Mom

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