What’s Up with Our Cars

Dear Friends,

My car used to be a rolling midden heap. In fact I have practically lived out of my car one summer before I met Robert!

I had everything I needed in my car. But there was no room for anyone else. It used to be embarrassing if someone needed to ride with me. I would have to toss everything into the back seat.

I finally realized what my problem was. My car never got cleaned out when I got home. It just kept piling up with trash and stuff that never got into the house.

Here is a funny story. I used to tie flies for fishing. One time I saw a ruffled grouse that had been hit by the car in front of me. The feathers would make cool flies. Since I knew that it was fresh road kill I stopped. I found an empty Walmart Bag in the car. Imagine that! I put the dead grouse in the bag and placed it in the front floor board of the car.

Somehow the roadkill slide under the seat. A few days later I noticed the most foul smell coming from my car.

Have you ever had a foul smell coming from your car? I have a friend who went grocery shopping for the family. He took the groceries into the house, but a pack of chicken had fallen behind the seats of his SUV.  He tried everything to find that nasty smell. After several weeks of searching for the smell; he ended up getting rid of the car.

So today, I want you to go on a scavenger hunt in your car. Let’s get it cleaned out. What is the strangest thing you have found in your car. Send me an email to FlyLady@flylady.net with LOOK WHAT I FOUND in the subject line. A picture would be good too.

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