Dishwasher Spots


I just read your testimonial on the Purple Rags cleaning muddy doors, and I wanted to add my own praise. These cloths are fabulous! Not only do they keep my mirrors and glass top coffee table sparkling, but they are also the only things that will remove dishwasher spots from my dishes. The water here spots everything. I don’t use the heated dry on the dishwasher so the dishes air dry inside. I’ve tried the super all-in-one dishwashing tabs, the streak free detergents, inexpensive store brands & expensive name brands. None of them keep the spots off my dishes. Rubbing the spots with regular dish towels didn’t budge them.

Finally, I grabbed a Purple Rag, dampened it slightly with water, and started in on my silverware. No more spots! I wiped down the silverware, glassware, and even clear plastic storage containers. All the spots disappeared in no time and everything looks brand new. From now on, when the dishwasher cycle is finished, I will use my Purple Rag to keep my dishes shiny.

I also keep one in my laptop bag to keep the smudgy fingerprints off my black laptop.

Thanks for offering us great products that really work!

TC in Texas


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