My Purple Rags Made My Tub Shine

Dear FlyLady,

Oh no, they didn’t! As I was swishing and swiping yesterday, I decided to clean the tub too. Now, my tub is a 23 year old porcelain one and it’s in very good condition…due to constant scrubbing with sponges, brushes, and magic erasers.

I poured a bit of liquid soap into the tub and without thinking grabbed a purple rag and started cleaning. Where was my mind, how could a rag clean my tub? I needed heavy duty scrubbers to remove the oil ring. I thought, too late, I’m down here now and my knees are killing me, let’s see what this old purple rag can do.

What? Where is that grimy feeling? One swish with my purple rag and it was gone. I continued all around the tub. In less than one minute the grimy feeling was gone. I rinsed the tub and thought, ah hah now we’ll see if this really worked. My tub gleamed after 1 minute of cleaning… not the usual 10 minute scrub which I dreaded and red knees for a couple of hours.

Once again, my purple rag came through for me. I will never be able to thank you enough for this wonderful product.

Linda – Jacksonville FL

FlyLady here: Our sales are ending on Wednesday! Get your purple rags today! You never have to get down on your knees again! Just use your rag while you are taking a bath. You are already sitting in the tub. Take your purple rag and small about of body wash and in 15 seconds the ring is gone. If you are showering do one little section a day!

I keep a purple rag in my tub too. It works great on dry skin.

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