My Son Checks Our Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

Ok, so yesterday my Dear Son 9 was on the phone with a little friend from school. He was trying to set up a playdate and a movie date with his friend and include his twin brother.

His friend was asking him about certain dates, since the original one didn’t work out with his friend’s mom, and my ds said (and I quote here) “wait a minute, I have to check the calendar.”

Oh my, did that bring a smile to my face. He wasn’t calling to me in the other room while I was reading a story to his sister, he was checking the family calendar to see if there was something going on!!

I guess this flying stuff is beginning to “wash” into his mind too!! I’ll hold onto that moment for now, and keep at this until they all “get it” and start flying on their own.

Smiling Away,
D in MA

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