Impatience Causes Stress

Dear Friends,

One of the things that I do to take care of me is not ever getting in a hurry. I know that this does not seem like much, but slowing down keeps me calm.

Stress is one of causes chronic illness. When I take care of me and relieve stress by not getting in a hurry, I am on a road to wellness not illness. Little things like relieving stress, taking my vitamins, getting the proper rest, and drinking my water help keep me healthy.

Everything I do in my life brings me joy. If it doesn’t I discard it as if it were clutter. Clutter takes all forms! It invades our homes, our minds and our way of life. Learning how to weed out the clutter in our homes is just the beginning to finding our wings to FLY!

As the clutter leaves our homes, we find clear spaces. These open areas help us to slow down and enjoy the calm. Less clutter more peace!

We have a tendency to want it all fixed now. You joined our group looking for a way to get your home in order. The problem with wanting it now is that we are impatient. That means we are in a hurry. Hurry causes stress and stress produces more CHAOS and Clutter! Back on that vicious cycle; It is time for us to jump off of this not so Merry-go-round!

So how do we do this? I feel that the key to our new mode of transportation is taking care of ourselves. I know you don’t believe me when you first join, but please don’t get in a hurry. It takes time to give birth to a new life. I like to think that we are pregnant and in a few months we will have a newborn.

Your new life starts with nurturing yourself; eventually it will become a way of life. Start by practicing with us this week. You may find that you really enjoy it and when you take care of you; your home will almost take care of itself. I promise! This really does happen!

Are you ready to FLY?


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