Routines First

Dear Friends,

Now hear this! If you don’t do your routines everyday, your home is going to continue to be a mess.

Here is how it works. Routines first, then you can declutter for a while. The routines are the foundation to the whole system. They have to be done before you do anything else. This includes, leaving for work, teaching school, decluttering, Weekly Home Blessing, errands, and free time. Once you do this you have released yourself from the guilt of not doing it.

Make sure you are doing your before bed routine. Even small ones make tomorrow easier.

Clean your kitchen after supper and shine your sink.

Lay out your clothes, and have your children do this too.

Check your calendar for tomorrow(see what zone we are in, look at your basic weekly plan to see what the day has in store for you),

Then start a to do list. Check today’s to do list is see what needs carried over.

Pick up your Hot Spots and Check your Blind Spots. (A member used this today. This is the areas of clutter you do not see any more)But if a stranger came in your home, they would see it.

Then get in bed at a decent hour. There is no way you are going to be able to face your tomorrow with only a few hours of sleep. You deserve better.

I want you to FLY! Are you with me?


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