A Good Investment

Dear FlyLady,

I love the Carpet Sweepa! I am glad that I invested in it, as it motivates me to attend to my rugs more regularly. The vacuum is just so much more cumbersome that is easier to procrastinate when it is the only option. The Carpet Sweepa, on the other hand, is lightweight and a breeze to use, so it is already being used frequently!

Furthermore, it’s truly a godsend when you have pets. Mine picked up enough cat hair from a single day’s sweeping of our area rugs to make a kitten, at least! Meowza!


FlyBaby Lainey in Lawrenceville, GA

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.45.58 AMFlyLady here; Our carpet sweepa is great on pet hair! It is always quiet and does not scare your pets or children like a noisy vacuum cleaner.

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