My Attitude has Changed

Dear FlyLady,

Rather than a testimonial, this is just a very pleased comment.

I signed up several years ago using my business e-mail address and was learning a lot and enjoying the process. When my company changed its server, the climate at work was so bad I decided not to advise you of the address change, since the company wasn’t happy about employees receiving personal mail at the office (couldn’t do the tasks anyway until I got home, but it helped keep me focused knowing what I wanted to do once I did get home).

Although I wasn’t receiving the e-reminders, I did keep at the basics, like shining my sink every night, and swishing and swiping the bath after my shower every morning. Putting on shoes wasn’t a problem, since I had to do that anyway to go to work, LOL.

I was also learning to do things for ME and not because a grumpy husband complained about them. He hasn’t changed, but my attitude has and it makes life easier.

To make a long story short, I am now happily retired and have signed up again for the e-mails with my new personal e-mail address. I have wonderful plans for decluttering on a grand scale and turning our home into the happy, peaceful place I’ve always wanted. I’ve already cleared all the expired medicines out of the medicine chest and have a sack of clothes that don’t fit Number-Three-Son ready for the recycling bin. And I hope to finally make time for my hobbies.

The reason I’m writing is because of the  Cozi calandar which I think is an EXCELLENT idea! Having everything on-line helps to not waste paper (actually I still have the lists printed up from way back when, but I think the Cozi Calendar will be more immediate and helpful – and it doesn’t create clutter!!)

Thanks for being there FlyLady.

Whenever you  think of all the people you’ve helped over the years, you should be very proud of yourself!

Helen in Italy

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