Do You Have A List?

Dear FlyLady,

Please tell me what you can clean with the purple rags. I have seen all the uses for the Rubba Scrubba. Do you have a list like that for the FlyLady purple rags?

Flybaby A.


Dear Flybaby A.

The Purple Rags are reusable microfiber cloths that can clean and shine most anything in your home and car. You can use them dry, with water or with a cleaning solution. You use them, wash them, dry them and use again.

You will no longer have to buy rolls and rolls of paper towels. You won’t have streaks on your glass or other shiny surfaces or lint on mirrors and counters.

This is one of those Fly Tools that you shouldn’t be without. You will spend a little money now, but you will save in the long run! Here is a video I did yesterday!

Get them while they are on a BOGO!

FlyBabies have shared some of the ways they use the Purple Rags:

Wash windows
Clean mirrors
Defog bathroom mirrors
Clean eye glasses
Shine Stainless Steel appliances
Shine sink and faucets
Streak free wiping of black surfaces – like appliances and water kettles
Clean greasy vent hoods and other surfaces
Shine glass appliance doors and cooled glass cook top
Remove smudges from counter tops
Wipe down countertops and cupboards
Polish pots while drying the outside
Polish silver
Wipe up spills
Clean tops of light fixtures
Clean picture frames- all edges and glass
Detailed dusting
Wipe down Leather furniture
Shine glass shower doors and tile
Swish and swipe — wipe down the counter tops, mirrors and around the toilet
Clean Whiteboards
Clean car windows and mirrors
Defog car windows
Wipe down car interior

This is a set of three deluxe microfiber cloths, that each measure 15×15 inches and comes with its very own zippered mesh bag for the washing machine. These rags can be used wet or dry, with just plain water, mild soapy water or Windex. You can use these for just about anything, especially those times you would normally reach for a paper towel. The cloths are “two-sided” one side is flat for sensitive surfaces, the other has raised fibers for grabbing dirt, dust and lint.

The Purple Rag Set comes with:

3 15×15″ microfiber cloths
1 zippered mesh bag for washing

Washing instructions – machine wash in bag with detergent only – absolutely no fabric softeners – let air dry flat and use again!!!


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