I Gave Up Excuses

Hi FlyLady,

I have been fluttering off and on for years. We moved into a new house about 6 months ago. We really tried decluttering as we packed so that made unpacking so much easier. (Only 5 more boxes to unpack.)

I used to think you sent way too many emails and unsubscribed but I knew in my soul that your system works. I gave up excuses several years ago but realized that I was still using the excuse that there were just too many emails to keep up with. I now read every email and it spurs me on.

I am menu planning. I clean the kitchen after dinner, no longer convincing myself that I’m just too tired. I swish and swipe and bless my home with imperfect home making.
My daughters have jumped into the system as well. I’ve made apologies and accepted their forgiveness. Now instead of drudgery, our time spent cooking or cleaning is sweet and relational. No more hateful words.

Thank you for your ministry. You are making families better.

Bless you,
Sandy in KY


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