March Habit #15 Now That I’m Retired

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for nearly 10 years.

My home is in pretty good shape most of the time, and I have learned to jump in for at least 15 minutes whenever I feel overwhelmed. It works.

However, now that I’m retired, it is tempting to wait until nearly noon to get dressed. Never again.

Last Tuesday my husband had a heart attack while working in the yard. I was able to grab just my purse and follow the ambulance to the hospital. My clothes and shoes were on, my hair was combed, my purse had been cleaned out and contained all the necessary medical and insurance information as well as the car keys and my glasses. My cell phone was in my pocket.

Thanks to your website, I will never again get caught in a serious situation and have to rush to get dressed and search for keys, money or glasses.

DH is doing well, now. Tomorrow I can bring him home to a neat and clean home and a favorite meal.

Even though I have spent all of the past week at the hospital with him, the morning and evening routines have enabled me to keep up, and our home is ready for the inevitable company that will show up when he gets here.

Thank you,
Fluttering Flybaby in AZ

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