March Habit #17 Don’t Ever Be Tempted

Dear FlyLady,

This is in response to this sentence¬† in an earlier testimonial. “That is much better than throwing my coat over my jammies to drop off DD at school! LOL and Flying with Purple Power!”

A warning to fly babies everywhere : don’t ever be tempted to do this even just once!! It is definitely a SHE Shouldn’t !!!!!

Believe me when I say one of the following WILL happen ( you don’t even have to ask me how I know this…..)

1) You will run out of gas on your way back home and your cell phone will be dead and you can’t call your husband to come and bail you out (again). You will then be forced to walk back home in your jammies, or through the town to the gas station, depending on where your car died, and you probably don’t even have your purse with you, so will be forced to be embarrassed and ask for credit at the gas station ( I live in a small town where they will do this)

2) Your car will get a flat tire…. and it will be snowing at the time… so there you are at the side of the road struggling in your jammies to change the wheel and a neighbor or someone from church will stop by to help and see you in what you wear to bed !!!

3) Your child will inevitably forget something vital in the car and you will jump out to run after her with it down the sidewalk and you will either a) lock yourself out of the car with it still running or b) run smack dab into that “p@#%#$t ” mother in your child’s grade that will look you up and down and instantly decide her child will never be allowed to come over again to your house for a playdate. Of course, She’s being somewhat creative can alleviate some of the problem by wearing what could pass as exercise clothes in a pinch to bed and throwing a scrunchie in your hair. But make sure you at least put on some lace up shoes, because the fuzzy slippers or bare feet are a dead give away!

Really – its much better just to give in and submit yourself to the “Flylady Way” , get up a few minutes sooner and get dressed all the way to the shoes like you have been telling us (and all the other things like keeping gas in the car, having a cell phone charged and ready to go on our launchpad).

It makes life SO much easier and less stressful in the long run – its just not worth those few extra minutes sleep.

Thank you FlyLady- you were right.

FlyBaby A

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a shoe Testimonial? Let us know, and send an email with I HAVE MY SHOES ON in the subject line.

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