I’m Free of Guilt

Hi FlyLady,testifly

I discovered you late last year. I’m a work in progress, but boy I’ve come a long way. I have lived in CHAOS for years, and years. I procrastinate, and I am a perfectionist, and of course I am a collector of things.

I have culled my Christmas decorations, and I have packed them up, and I have put them into their storage space. It’s only 11th January. For at least the previous two years I have hidden them under sheets well into February and March – much shame there, but this year I’m free of guilt about them!

In the last ten days 3 adult children have moved back into the empty nest. The place is a mess, and we can’t fit everything in nicely, but hey one step at a time. I am so calm about it all.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart,


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