March Habit #23 Crashing And Burning

Dear FlyLady,

I have fluttered in the past, but always ended up crashing and burning.

I think the perfectionist in me had a hard time doing babysteps. I just wanted to do it all at once. I missed the journey of teaching myself good habits. I always ended up back in the same mess.

I started flying again when your email format changed, and I was bombarded with constant encouragement. I felt annoyed at all of the emails at first, but then I started reading.

I am finally getting it. I love the habits of the month. This time when I started back I only let myself add one habit each month. I’m forcing myself not to jump ahead, and the habits are now becoming automatic.

My house and family are much happier, and I have taken all of the pressure off of myself to be the P word.

My children would like to thank you for this month’s habit of dressing to shoes. When my kids wanted to go out and play, I would say, ” Not now, Mom hasn’t even showered yet!”. Now I say “Let’s Go!”. The kid’s are happy, and I feel better getting some sun. It’s a great time to get in my exercise too.

Not only that, my husband doesn’t come home to a mess of a wife, and he doesn’t have to take out the trash. There is no excuse for it not to go out when I’m dressed to shoes.

Thank you for all of the encouragement!

FlyBaby Anne

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a shoe Testimonial? Let us know, and send an email with I HAVE MY SHOES ON in the subject line.


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