Such A FlyLady Thing To Say

My Dear FlyLady,

Recently, I was shopping with my adult daughter who hates to shop, and she said the most profound FlyLady thing. I was waffling over a pretty sweater, but wondering where I would wear it when she looked at me and said, “Only buy it if you can see yourself wanting to pull it out of the closet every day to wear it.” I put it back on the rack!

My first thought was, “that is such a FlyLady thought and she doesn’t even know it.” Her words have stuck with me through cleaning out all sorts of things while preparing to move. If I don’t see myself wanting to use something all the time, I let it go. Some things you need to keep for special purposes, but you use the same things over and over. It has made me clean out things that I use and don’t like for the things I love.

I am also back in my closet with those words in my brain. Out went several pairs of shoes for special occasions because they hurt and I don’t love them!  Out are going clothes I thought I had gone through but realize that I don’t want to wear them. I finally got the message you send about loving your things!  Tell everyone that sometimes it takes awhile for things to sink in. I have been with you a long time and I finally got this one!

A FlyBaby

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