Casting Out Negativity

Dear Flylady,
I just read the testimonial, “Does your household hate Flylady”.  It made me sad as well.  I have been reading your emails for years and find them a great comfort.  I fight depression, anxiety, learning disabilities  and perfectionism everyday. Your system and emails have helped me so much.  As a matter of fact, on my real low days when the negativity sets in and I  say, “Why bother”, I now  learned to say, “Anything is better than nothing”, thanks to you!  For some of us it just takes a long time to get it because we are so “caught up in our old ways”.  My DH thought you were an excellent psychologist until I told him otherwise, lol.  Keep up the good work and the encouragement coming because I for one need you to help me keep my days brightened!

Trying to fly everyday in NC


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