Blessings With BabySteps


I don’t usually write in to places. I know you hear this a thousand times and many over that, however I needed to let you know how you help me to bless my home.

I hate to clean. In the past I took my Fridays that I have off from work and spent HOURS cleaning, NOT having crazy fun with my daughter. All to barely make a dent, by Monday things were trashed and I was frustrated by the disaster I called home.

Three months ago my whole family decided to start Flying. My husband and four year old followed right with me. We started doing a 15 minute clean up after dinner which had us thinking of all the other times we leave messes. Before a week was over I started noticing that we were all picking up things as we went.

Shortly thereafter you started doing your FaceBook blessings. While making dinner, I started following the Wednesday blessings then gradually added the Monday.

We just had family over and I didn’t feel the crazy panic before they came. And since things were starting to get better I was able to wash windows and do all the things I never had time for in the past.

I’m seeing such a difference in my home and in my family. Together we are finally seeing that every little step helps and with those little steps our home is cleaner and we are happier. No longer do I feel the need to clean on my day off, I am able to have a girl’s day with my little one! I don’t feel bad if I miss something or if things aren’t’ perfect, they will be fixed as I work my way around.

You have helped in blessing my home, our lives and our family more than I could ever imagine. I am seeing such a difference in our home. All those baby steps that I thought at first weren’t doing anything have worked their way to creating a home where I don’t mind if people are over whether they are planned or not. I don’t begrudge coming home praying I don’t find a mess. Our family has stopped trying to live up to a “perfect” standard and enjoyed creating Our Perfect with every step we take!

Bless you FlyLady for you have blessed us!

FlyBaby in Indiana

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