Is Your Mop Good for Heavy Mopping?

Hi FlyLady,

I am a fairly new FLYBABY and am not mopping very often yet, maybe every 2 weeks, but its only me in the house so it doesn’t get horribly dirty in that time. At least I am inspired to clean more often than before. I have polished wood floors that someone told me to use white vinegar and water on, same with the cork floor in the kitchen and the tile floor in the bathroom.

First, I need a new wet mop so would yours with the white microfiber cloths do the job, or do I need a traditional sponge mop? How do you wet and squeeze out your mop?

Second, my finished wood floor is getting dirty and looking bad near the front door as I didn’t clean it enough and the finish is coming off.

Would it help to use Murphy’s Wood Soap to mop the wood floors rather than white vinegar and water? I’ve lived here 10 years and they haven’t been refinished in that time. What do you recommend?

I’m thinking of buying some Purple Rags as they look really handy especially for windows – mine are really dirty

Thank you so much for helping us all – I don’t feel alone with my mess any more!



Dear Margretta,

Putting water on unfinished wood floors can ruin the wood. I don’t use Murphy’s Wood Soap because it gives me a terrible headache. I guess I am allergic to it. I just use a damp chenille cloth.

Our mop comes with a two sided microfiber cloth. The cloth is blue. The Mop package has the dust mop and three micro-fiber cloths. We recommend wetting it in a sink and gently wringing it out. The more wet it is the less it grabs the floor. This is a powerful tool that can be used wet or dry. The cloth does the work.

I have wood floors. Every day I use my dust mop to grab the paw prints and dust bunnies. Once a week the floors get wet mopped. I like to use plain water and occasionally a spray of Windex.

At each door I have a small rug. This helps to passively wipe the dog’s feet. A Rug over your unfinished floor may help protect it. Our mop is good for heavy mopping or light mopping.

Here is a little video demonstrating how to use the mop on my floor. I had a little help.


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