My Life Story

Dear FlyLady,

I was checking out Amazon for books on how to clean house quickly. I saw the picture of the FlyLady on your book, read the reviews, and found a copy at the library. I saw my life story in this book and realized I wasn’t a failure at keeping a nice home after all. I checked out your book on 10/28/17 and read the whole thing cover to cover in two days. Also thanks for not have short chapters to keep me interested.

I started some baby steps for a couple of days, and then I just took off without all the dread I normally experience while cleaning. I don’t do my morning (have to fed cat and make coffee first) or evening routines in any exact order, but all gets done everyday within 30 minutes. I’m a work in progress on using the alarm clock to get early and getting dressed to shoes (I always cleaned in my pajamas at a kid at home) but I do start my morning routine in the room I’m at and move on to the next room.

For the first time in a long time I feel I have a handle on my home. My loving husband of 31 years has never belittled my on the mess. My husband has even started making the bed in the spare room which he sleeps in from time to time, and is cleaning up his hot spot next to the couch. Yes keeping with a few chores each morning has change my attitude for the better. I hope the cleaning kit I ordered from your website will work as good as your YouTube videos show. Thank you for sharing your wisdom,  for writing a great book that makes life easier, and for the many ways you have bestowed blessing to all us flybabies who needed helping hand.

Hugs & Kisses

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