BabySteps in the Right Direction

Dearest Flylady,

So many times over the past few months I have thought I should thank you.  I am a wife and mother of two sweet little ones.  I somehow stumbled upon you this past July and LOVED the concepts and ideas you put forward. I immediately went and shined my sink and felt like I was taking baby steps in the right direction. Then in late August my father ended up having a pretty serious surgery and the first week of September my sweet mama-in-love was hit by a motorist while she was out riding her bicycle. I am thrilled to say they are both recovering decently… to God be the Glory! However I will say August and September were extremely challenging and so difficult to plan where and when I’d be doing what, but I kept hearing your voice in the back of my head. It said things like, “Get up and get dressed to your laces”, “You can do anything for 15 minutes”, “It is okay to sit down for 15 minutes and rest”, and so on and so on.

I recently read an account that a mom gave in a book about what happens when it is time to get ready and leave for a trip. Basically it translates into shear chaos and no one remembers how to do anything except the mama. Which I giggled as I read her account of this, because of course like her (and thousands of other women) I feel the need to make sure everything is clean and in order before I leave on a trip. Typically I am running around the day before and day of leaving playing the martyrs role oh so well. Well I am pleased to announce today my family and I left for a trip and I actually was not in stress-mode or any of the normal craziness. I asked myself what was different. Here are a few answers. 1. My house was pretty much clean with the exception of doing a few fire drills. No Crisis Cleaning to get ready to go out of town. Hallelujah. 2. My laundry was all done and put away, because YES doing a laundry a day really does keep Mt. Washmore away. Thank you for this! 3. I took time to pre-plan what I needed for 2 adults and 2 little ones BEFORE the day it was time to leave. SO THANK YOU! I actually got in the car a few minutes before I had scheduled in my head to do so, and my blood-pressure did not feel like it was about to pop.

I truly am grateful that you are being obedient to what the Lord has called you to do! I know sometimes it is easy to wonder do I make a difference? What is my ministry? Am I doing what I am suppose to? I just want to say I truly believe you are. Thank You!!!

Megan from TN

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