More Than One Blessing

Dear Flylady,

I know you hear this all the time but you’ve changed me in such a positive way! You really are blessing others with each and every email and completed chore and avoided argument because of a bad attitude.

Anyway….you saved my weekend once again. Tonight (Friday), I went to complete a quick chore for an injured family member with a sweet toddler in tow. My truck wouldn’t start!

Luckily, my husband had gotten home from work early and jumped in our farm truck to do some chores, so I could use his car to complete my family member’s chore. Before I had met  Flylady, this would have been a major hassle because I would have had a million jobs to do on Saturday, and I would have had to figure out how to fit my DD in my husband’s somewhat cluttered car along with all of our groceries and other things picked up while running errands.

I would have been a grouch! However, thanks to you, my shopping is done and my house is ready to be snuggled into for the weekend! As a surprise, since we’ll be home anyway, I think I’ll clean out my husband’s car while he’s out doing chores in the farm truck.

Thank you for blessing me and my family in yet another way!!!!

Flying in Missouri

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