My Bedroom is Where I Struggle Most!

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a new FlyBaby so please forgive me for not thoroughly knowing your system! I notice the task of the day is making our beds every morning. My bedroom is truly were I struggle the most! It’s just the perfect catch all place for everything. It’s just horrible. I hate even going in there and I hate that I sound like a teenager writing this post. After cleaning the house and my toddler’s bedroom all day, the master bedroom is at the very bottom of the list.

So where do I start? When do I start? Please give me some words of wisdom. I would love to have a cozy oasis for my Husband and I to retreat to at the end of the day.

I’m off to go buy some lace up shoes to start next week off on the right foot!

Thank you so much!


Dear Katy,

Our bedrooms have long been a major dumping ground for us when company is coming. We grab up our hotspots and toss them on the other side of our bed. Then we lock the door from the inside and that stops anyone from going in there.

These type of actions are a result of not loving ourselves! We put ourselves last. I want your bedroom to be the most peaceful room in your home!

This week we are going to babystep our way to a restful bedroom! Let’s start by clearing out the clutter that is standing in your way of a restful sleep!

Let’s look at your flat surfaces.

  1. Dresser: What is on your dresser top?
  2. Bed: Do you have clothes pile on your bed?
  3. Night Stand: Is your night stand filled up with stuff?
  4. Desk: Do you have a desk in your bedroom? Is it messy?
  5. Exercise Machine: Has it become a Clothes Horse?
  6. Chest of Drawer: Is every drawer filled with clothes you don’t wear?
  7. Floor: Is the floor on the opposite side of you bed piled high with stuff!
  8. Under your bed: Do you store stuff under your bed? Stop this! Declutter
  9. Floors/Carpet: Is your carpet dirty? or the floors dirty?
  10. Closet: Is your closet filled with trash bags of paper?
  11. Bathroom: Is your shower used as a storage unit?

I know where you are stashing items! Let this be your wake up call to make your bedroom a place of peace!

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