I Get the Picture

Hi Lovely Lady and friends,

I’ve been receiving and reading all your emails on and off for many years. It’s definitely been a case of flywashing as slowly I feel like I am getting the picture – with the calm! I could go on about how much your messages have helped in self-esteem and time-management, let alone clean toilets, calm chore sessions and freed up Saturday’s. But I wanted to share my menu planning which has become such a source of comfort and pride to this fluttering Flyer.

My family likes rituals and routines so we always have Mexican on Wednesday, Chinese on Friday, fish’nchips on Saturday and tin-soup-serve-yourself Sunday nights. All shop bought and home-put-together, so not exactly home made from scratch but not take-away either! DH cooks Sunday lunch. This really helps because then I only have Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday lunch to think about.

As you suggested, I kept a record of what we ate for 2 weeks so then had 8 meals to rotate. On my calendar I used small sticky notes with dinners written on as suggested by another Flybaby. I have now added several more winners. The easy and desperate boring staples (cup-a-soup pasta, jacket potatoes and tuna-rice) are now appreciated by my DF (dear family) because I make sure I space them. What’s interesting is that since I’ve felt more in control of what we’re eating for the whole week, I have had more energy and creativity to add to my repertoire!

Like others have said, thank you for all you do, through what you are allowing yourself to be.

Flybaby in England


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