May Habit #21 My Walking Experience

Dear FlyLady,

I LOVED the testimony of the mom who walks with her two young kids and I wanted to share my walking experience with you.

Some of my first memories are of walking with my grandmother at age 3. She would take me out walking around our large block so that I would be tired enough to take a nap. I loved it–and I can also remember asking her to go for walks with me when she would come to visit us. Well–those walks turned into a love affair with walking that has lasted for nearly 50 years! I am now 52 and I love walking more than any other workout or exercise. I enjoy other exercise as well but walking is at the top of
the list.

After my knees became arthritic and I was unable to walk, it motivated me into action–I got knee replacements a few years ago and I am now working back up to longer distances and I couldn’t be happier!!!!

Thanks, FlyLady for motivating us to Move in May and make it a habit!!!


Pittsburgh FlyBaby

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