Already Calmer

Oh, my, goodness!

I have been a Flybaby since August, taking baby steps each day. My home is already cleaner and this part time nurse, full time mom is already calmer!

I have never been able to organize meals but this time I am faithfully tracking our meals. My goal is to look back and realistically develop a month of menu plans.

That isn’t why I am contacting you though. I just received my purple rags! I did the October BOGO offer and guess what I received within FOUR business days!!!

I was so excited tonight I opened the bag and started cleaning mirrors in my living room and bathroom (I know I haven’t pre washed them yet, but I had to try them).

I kept watching, a skeptic, thinking the mirrors would streak, thinking my faucets and sinks wouldn’t be clean. After all things that seem too good to be true often are – but not in this case.

They’re clean, sparkling!
Now off to feed my kiddos.

Thank you from your new FlyBaby in Bothell, Wa


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