It’s Time to Party but Make It Easy on YOU!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was talking with a FlyBaby on Facebook. We have been friends for many years. I had noticed that the day before she had been suffering with a stomach bug. She private messaged me to say she was thinking about me. It was so sweet. I asked how she was feeling? She said, sucking on Popsicles and cooking up a storm.

I chastised her in a loving way and said you need to be resting! She had a birthday party to get ready on Sunday. She was making a ton of food. This precious grandmother was trying to do it all herself.  She was cooking for 20 people.

Do you do this to yourself? We don’t have to suffer to be the “hostess with the mostest.”

I am going to give you some tips for making a celebration fun and easy on yourself.

  2. Set a menu if you like or leave it to fate. (hard for a control freak.)
  3. Assign dishes to other family members. We do this!
  4. Decided what you are making. Limit yourself to 2 items.
  5. Get food and paper products in the house a week prior.
  6. Use paper plates, napkins, and paper table cloths.
  7. Use your Crock Pot to keep from burning food and the house cool.
  8. Start cooking a couple of days head of time. Be your own sous chef!
  9. Set up a buffet table with note cards of where the food goes.
  10. Get in bed early so you can get up early the day of the party!
  11. Put on your pretty clothes and pace yourself setting things up.

Here are some of my cooking tips.

  1. Baked beans taste the same if you dump the makings in the crock pot and allow them to cook on low. Timing is everything according to the party time.
  2. Potato salad is best made with red potatoes. I boil mine with the skin on. If you want to peel them you can easily after they cook and cool. I cook a couple of days ahead and refrigerate.
  3. Since you need onions for a couple of dishes; cut them up at one time. Bag to be ready to use.
  4. I cook my eggs in the oven. I like to call them angel eggs. I bake them a couple of days ahead of time. Follow directions to a T. Don’t forget to add some extra eggs to use in your potato salad.
  5. I make hamburger patties ahead and freeze them. They stay moist inside as they cook on the grill. Put on a cookie sheet and freeze then bag up.
  6. Cover your counter with waxed paper or parchment paper to make clean up easier.
  7. As always, start with a sink full of hot soapy water and an empty dishwasher. It makes clean up a breeze!

I want you to the most amazing hostess! This only happens when you pace yourself! Planning a party is a great way to get your home looking great too. Check your calendar and set a date to party with your family and neighbors.


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