Interesting Comments

Dear Flylady,

Thank you so much for your encouragement, routines, and tips. They have made such a difference in my home and in my stress level. However, I have gotten some interesting comments. 🙂

My sister, who is quite neat, was over and noticed the difference. I think she almost asked if I had a new refrigerator. It was probably all the wiping down of surfaces that I had been doing during Home Blessing Hour.

My mom came over shortly after a “wipe down your front door mission” and wondered if I had painted the door.

My aunt (who I’m pretty sure is one of those Born Organized people), was visiting and asked if I had widened my kitchen. Of course, I hadn’t, but I’m guessing decluttering the counters had made the difference.

Personally, having routines and feeling like I actually have some control over my house has been wonderful.

15 minutes of decluttering is truly powerful. If a room or area is bugging me, I know if I just go at it for 15 minutes it will look worlds better.

I love the Weekly Home Blessing Hour. Knowing that in an hour my house will look fresh is such a great feeling.

Waking up to an empty sink is so wonderful! Sometimes I walk into my house or into my kitchen and almost wonder with surprise who has been here and cleaned- me!

Thank you so much. I started with the Baby Steps almost a year ago, and you have changed my life. Thank you!

A Very Grateful Flybaby

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