June Habit #30 Lack of Focus

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks for focusing on water this month.

I appreciate that you are not focusing on a particular amount of water – however focusing on “an amount” is exactly what got me off high center about drinking my water….here’s how… Like most of us, I KNOW I should be drinking “more” water.

Since I am a busy Realtor, I get easily sidetracked. I have a history of drinking “more” water for a day or two, then completely forgetting to drink water- or anything at all (I know – cringe) until late in the afternoon on some days.

Once I read your emails I decided to apply some of your other principles to help this lack of focus. I also believe each flybaby should decide for themselves how much to drink, but I have found it advantageous to set a certain amount for “me”. I read a helpful article about drinking water – another God Breeze – that suggested the healthy amount of water was one-half your weight..in ounces, per day.

Again, I appreciate you are not trying to apply numbers to the amount of water we drink, but I realized I was PROCRASTINATING about figuring out how much water I should drink, and therefore NOT DRINKING any! Talk about the ultimate self-abusing perfectionism! Yikes! Once I realized what was happening, I quickly employed the wonderful tips I’ve learned from you.

#1 It does not take an hour to figure out how much I weigh, and I don’t have to run directly to a scale to see exactly how much I weigh this very moment, I know approximately what my weight is, and that’s close enough!

#2 It takes approximately 3 seconds to figure out what one-half of that number is.

#3 It takes approximately 30 seconds to walk to the cabinet, pull out my glass measuring cup with the ounces on it, fill one of my typical glasses with water, and dump it in the measuring cup to see how many ounces it holds. Then It took about 10 more seconds to add that up and figure how many of my glasses of water I needed per day!!! The entire event took less than 4 minutes, and I had put it off for years!!!

FlyLady, some of us just need numbers to go by, and coming to the realization that I need to drink 5 of my glasses of water per day has brought me instant success! (I keep saying “my” glasses because I applied your soap-is-soap principle and let go of the urge to wait until I purchased a correctly measured water bottle, a glass-is-a-glass)

Perhaps someone else will find it helpful to have a goal of glasses each day to shoot for! I actually enjoy the feeling of knowing I have drunk all 5 by the end of the day – and If I don’t quite drink that many, at least it’s more than I was ever drinking before, and I have a REALISTIC view of how much I still need as the day progresses.

So thank You so much for focusing on water, it’s the best vitamin out there! I feel better and have already started to crave it more.

From the bottom of my water glass, thanks! I simply love you and all you do for us!

Flybaby L,  Oklahoma

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Testimonial about Drinking your Water? Let us know, and send an email with I LOVE MY WATER NOW in the subject line.

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