Pamper Mission 07-05-2020

Welcome to our brand new pamper mission! Boy do I have an easy one for us today. Take a few minutes and read a favorite book, magazine, story, etc. Give your body and your time to rest and relax and enjoy something you love! This is an easy way we can pamper yourself EVERY day!! Here’s a great pamper story to get you started. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Dear FlyLady and All,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful idea of taking a day to pamper yourself. Every week I have been taking the time out to soak in the tub for a bit and read a book. Well, here recently my DH has come in after I have gotten out and has started to give me a back rub once a week!!!I can’t tell you how great this feels! The first time he did it, I was surprised! He never does this without me begging him to. While he was rubbing my back, he told me that he was going to make this a “Pamper Mom” night. On this night, I pretty much get to lounge on the bed or couch and He takes care of EVERYTHING. Including laying out my clothes for the next day! Of course since I have to wear a uniform to work I don’t have to worry about it matching. LOL.I wish everyone had this! Every time I get home on pamper night, I can’t wait by the time I go to bed, I feel better than a queen could ever dream of! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for coming up with this WONDERFUL program. Baby stepping my way to a better me.

FLYbaby in KY

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