What is Weekly Home Blessing?

Dear FlyLady,

What is the one hour list where we do certain things for 10 minutes? Something like weekly blessing? dusting for 10, vacuuming for 10?

FlyBaby MJ


Dear FlyBaby MJ,

You are not the only one to wonder about this. We forget that many new people join each week and don’t know what Weekly Home Blessing Hour is all about.

Let me explain this in a simple way. It is where we spend 1 hour sprucing up our home. Michele my assistant calls it Redding UP. I guess this is what her mother called it when they were getting ready for company.

This is NOT DETAILED CLEANING! It is just the middles and a quick and easy clean up.

We use our timer! This is a MUST! Your timer tells you to quit and go on to the next thing! You can also get a pretty good work out too! Because you are going as fast as you can.

Now don’t feel guilty if you can’t do them all in one day. I spread mine out over the whole week and do one a day. Some of our members do one Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Monday (to recover from the weekend) and another one on Friday (to get ready for the weekend). Others put them in a bowl and each family member draws one out. Make it fun! Put on some fast music and FLY around your house!

I have a Post-it Note on my bathroom door that tells me what I do on each day of the week. There are 7 things. You can do them in any order you like. One of our members puts her 7 Blessings on her bathroom mirror. As she does one she moves it to the other side of the mirror. Her goal is to get them all moved to the other side by the end of the day. Your creativity is amazing.  

Monday Focus  On this page you will see the list of seven blessings. I have also done a podcast that helps you do it! It is like having me on your shoulder to walk you through your Weekly Home Blessing. You know how bossy I can be! LOL

Join us for a Facebook Live Show as we Bless our Homes together with 2 minute blessings.


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