Adapt The System

Hi FlyLady and Staff,

The success of your system has blessed our home for several years. Thank you!

Recently I arrived at the decision to ride my exercise bike. Without pondering, I just decided 15 minutes a day for one week.

Simple, reachable goal. One week focus. Short time. It didn’t dawn on me til a few days later that you have 15 minute chunks of time and usually one zone per week. Hummmmm…..

Occasionally I rode a few minutes longer to finish reading, or to finish the game of solitaire on my phone.

First week I rode 16.1 miles in two hours.

This week I kept the tension on the bike the same, increased the minutes to 22.5 minutes per session. Half again as many as the first week. Yesterday 22.53 minutes and rode 3 miles. I rode a bit longer to finish reading this morning. Rode 3.5 miles in 24.17 minutes.

These are small bits of time but they will help me physically. Keeping focus on time… not distance… but moving….

Just like the shiny sink stirred the clean and orderly concept, giving time to riding the exercise bike will carry over into other areas of exercise, healthier eating… etc…

Back to flying….

It was so nice to have unexpected guests come over and they thought I had completed my Spring Cleaning already. (I had to think…. uhhhhh…. Spring cleaning….) wow… every since I have used your never fail system I have not had to Spring Clean…

Do people really do that????  Seems like a lifetime ago since I did that and I would be exhausted and a bit cranky for several days.

No one misses that!

We purchased your carpet sweeper for my Aunt for her house warming gift. She is less than 5’ tall and loved the fact that the handle could be adjusted for her stature. She also liked the color – reminded her of the color of royalty.

Thank you for a system that can be adapted to whatever area we have.

Inside and out.

So thankful to never have to be panicked or stressed by the doorbell. The calm your system creates is something everyone can experience.

Thank you ever so much!

Focused on Flying = Freedom from Crying

(Unless they are happy purple puddles)…. but you can only cry those. :

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