Attention to Detail

Dear FlyLady:

I am still a FlyBaby. I wanted to thank you for helping me to bless myself and my home. I really needed to hear your daily messages. They help me to be more accountable and to stop hearing “my mother in my head” when I clean. Since we are in the bathroom zone this week, maybe I missed something. I cleaned my makeup brushes, combs, hairbrushes, thought about if it was time to replace my toothbrush. The medicine cabinet is also clean. I wanted to thank you for your attention to detail….as I would forget something and you would mention that detail. Thank you for all you do for us every day!

Sincerely, FlyBaby Luci

Here is a little video where Liz finds a new use for Silver Rags. This make-up hack can save you money and help you easily get your make-up off without a lot of scrubbing. This is part of your Before Bed Routine and silver rags can save you time!

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